Christmas words eggnog game

Even Christmas parties need a drinking game or two. This is a simple drinking game that you can play with eggnog to give it that special Christmas feeling.

The basic premise of the game is that whenever a specific, Christmas colored, word is said, everyone drinks. Another way to do it is to let each guest pick his own word. There are also a few ways that you can get the words out:

Everything goes

As people talk, every word that is said counts. This can be really fun, especially, if every guest has his own word. Then anyone can make anyone drink as much as they want!(But remember what Spiderman said "With great power, comes great responsibility".

Christmas song

Roll a Christmas song. Whenever the chosen word is sung, yell out "Everyone drink!". As time goes on, and people have more eggnog in them, others will start announcing the word and everyone will have fun.

Christmas movie

You can do the same thing as with the song, but with a movie instead. This is better, if you have a more laid-back-back party.

Eggnog recipe

Basically you just beat/mix the eggs until they are totally... well... mixed. Then add a dash of nutmeg, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 3 table spoons of sugar, 2 cup of milk and, of course, half a cup of bourbon or whiskey. Mix everything well and cool it down in your fridge. Done!

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