Christmas wish list

Since it is the time of joy, giving and all around kindness, it could also be a good time to remember how to make the world a better place for everyone.

This is a simple little game that will hopefully inspire some people and let others remember that the world can become a better place, if we wish and work at it hard enough.

What to do?

Take a few minutes with your guests and individually write down what you wish for. Leave behind the selfish stuff and try to think of things you wish for others.

After you're all done writing, start reading. Everyone takes a turn reading his good wishes for his friends and the entire world.

It should make for a nice opportunity to remember the joy that Christmas should bring to everyone and leave some of the materialistic wishes behind. It also doesn't hurt, if you make some of the wishes come true, if it's in your power to do so:)

Have a marry Xmas!

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