Christmas Santa says

This is a spin off of a classic party game Simon says (you can read how to play it here) .

It's played exactly the same, except it's not Simon who is giving out commands, it's Santa. Also, the commands should be Christmas colored.

So here are a few examples:

Santa says: " Santa says, sing Jingle Bells. "

Santa says: " Santa says, wish everyone a merry Christmas. "

Santa says: " Santa says, go under the mistletoe. "

Santa says: " Santa says, put on a Santa hat. "

Santa says: " Santa says, say all the reindeer names. "

You get the drift, right? Cool. Then enjoy playing! One last fun idea. Make one person Santa for the whole game. Dress him up in a Santa suit. Whoever is the nicest kid (obeys all of Santa's commands) gets a Christmas presents at the end of the game.

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