Christmas party games for kids

You'll need some Christmas party games for kids when throwing a Christmas party. You'll need the to either keep the children busy while adults enjoy their quality time or you'll need them to make the kids happy at their own little party.

Anyway, here are some fun ideas...

  1. Snowman building contest
  2. Gift lottery
  3. Snowball fight
  4. Pin the red nose on Rudolf
  5. Sweet tree decor


Snowman building contest

Easy game. Team up in teams of 2-4 and start building your snowman! The best snowman wins. This can be a fun child-parent activity or a separate activity for the kids, with parents as the judges. Either way, prepare some small prizes for the best snowmen to give some extra encouragement.

Gift lottery

Wrap up a few small gifts and put on some Christmas music, because it's time for the Christmas gift lottery. Granted, as far as Christmas party games for kids go, this is not actually that much of a game, and it can be played among adults as well, but it's really fun and cheerful.

Pass around one gift at a time and let the music play. When the music stops, whoever is holding the gift, gets to keep it. Simple and in the Christmas giving spirit.

Snowball fight

A classic kids game. Make two teams, take a couple of minutes to build a base and then let the snowballs fly! After a hard Christmas day of snowball fighting make sure you already have a few cups of hot chocolate waiting for the children.

Pin the red nose on Rudolf

This is the Christmas equivalent of " Pin the tail on the donkey ". The only difference is that instead of a donkey, you have Rudolf the reindeer, and instead of a tail, you have his shiny red nose.

You can download Rudolf and his nose here.

Sweet tree decor

Get a few small Christmas trees, or even just a few branches, and some candy Christmas decoration. Each kid, or each team gets a tree and decorates it. At the end, everyone gets to eat their decor:)

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