Bucket shot

Think you are good at throwing a football? Then challenge your friends to a bucket shot contest. This is a fun game you can play during a Superbowl party. All you need is a bucket(or a similar container), a football and some space.

Basically the whole point of the game is to throw the football into the bucket. Whoever manages to do it is the winner. Well, actually there are a few ways you can determine the winner...

  1. You can set a time period. Whoever manages to throw the most football into the bucket wins.
  2. You can play that the first player to get the ball in the bucket wins. Either time each players tries, count the number of tries or get a bunch of buckets and let everyone go at the same time.
  3. You could also play the distance game. Whoever can hit the target from the longest distance wins.

Fun ideas and suggestions

  • Turn it into a drinking game. Every-time someone misses, he has to drink.
  • Go outside. Have a small home? Then you better do this game outside.
  • Make a contest out of it. You could make a contest and get a prize for the best thrower(maybe you could let him keep the football... or just give him another beer).

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