Blind mice

This is a perfect game for kids parties and it goes especially well with birthday parties. It involves some running around and being blindfolded, so some adult supervision is recommended.

How to play

One kid is randomly selected (with odds and evens; tick tack toe; rock, paper, scissors or some other similar game) as the blind mice. He/she is blindfolded and put in the middle of the room. The other kids get to spin him around a set number of times (5 should be enough, otherwise he might get sick) and then they run away. The blind mice then has to catch them. Once he touches someone, that person is out.

Some tips...

Running around a room blindfolded is fun, but it can be dangerous. You should remove any sharp or edged objects and anything that you don't want to break.

This is primary an indoor party game. If you play it in a too big of a space, it's nearly impossible to catch everyone.

Keep your hands in front of you, that way you won't run head first into a wall:)

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