Birthday party games for kids

There are many birthday party games for kids and some of them are described here. If you have a fun game that you would like to share with the world, you can also add it here for everyone to enjoy.

So let's see what you or your kids can play at your or their next birthday party.

  1. Pin the tail on the donkey
  2. Duck, duck, goose!
  3. Tag, your it!
  4. Scavenger hunt


Pin the tail on the donkey

This is a simple birthday party game for kids. All you need to play it is a picture of a donkey, an artificial donkey tail with a pin in it and a scarf or something similar that can act as a blindfold.

You can download the donkey and his tail here.

To set the game up, just fix a picture of a donkey on the wall. Now each kid gets a turn trying to pin the donkey tail as closest possible to the donkeys butt, while being blindfolded.

You can also set up a few small prizes(like a piece of candy) for the most successful pinners, to make the game even more fun.

One thing you should be careful about... since there is a sharp pin involved, keep an eye on your kids while they play, and also make sure all the kids are old enough to walk sturdily.

Duck, duck, goose!

"Duck, duck, goose" is another fun birthday party game for kids. It's appropriate for younger children, but can still be fun even for some older kids as well.

The game is simple to play and all you need is a small ball or even just a crumbled up piece of paper. Kids are sited in a circle, facing in-wards and one kid is selected to be the first goose. That kid receives the ball and starts walking around the circle and saying "duck" for each kid he passes. When he decides so, he says "goose" instead of "duck" and drops the ball behind the back of one of the kids and starts running around the circle. The kid that received the ball must than pick it up and try and catch the running kid, before he manages to run the full circle and sit in his place. If the running kid gets caught, he remains the goose, but, if he succeeds, then the kid that failed to catch him is the new goose.

You can play this game for a really long time and it can be really fun, but you should be careful. Since the game involves running and chasing each other, parents should be present when it's played, especially when younger kids are playing.

Tag, your it!

A classics. Kids ware probably playing this game since Roman times or even longer. It's as simple as it gets... one kid is "it" and runs around trying to tag another kid, that kid then becomes "it" and now he's the one chasing everyone around. A fun and simple birthday party game for kids.

Scavenger hunt

This game/contest is not only for children, it can also be played by adults. The only thing that changes when kids play it, is that items on the list are more age appropriate. Also, if younger children are playing, it's better to restrict the area in which they can search for objects(to prevent children running all over town and getting hit by cars and stuff).

Basically what you do is prepare a list of items that kids have to find and then they search for them. It's most fun to play in teams, and the first team to collect all of the items on the list wins. You can also prepare a few small prizes for the best teams.

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