Birthday party games

What would a birthday party be without birthday party games! You can eat only so much cake and present opening can last only so long. After all the classic birthday activities you'll need something else to do... that's where party games come in! They are a great way to have some extra fun and leave your guests with a life-long memory of how awesome your party was.

So  take your pick of these fun games and break them out after you get your Happy Birthday song. Also keep in mind that these games are meant for different ages. "Duck, duck, goose" might not be the best pick for adults, but hey, whatever you feel like, who am I to judge:)

Awesome birthday party games:

  • 7 minutes in heaven A classic teenage game with an intimate twist, but it can also be really fun for adults.
  • Bingo It's a fun party game. It's usually considered as gambling, since it's a game of chance and usually played for a monetary or practical prize.
  • Blind mice This is a perfect game for kids parties and it goes especially well with birthday parties. It involves some running around and being blindfolded, so some adult supervision is recommended.
  • Charades A very popular party game where you act out something and others have to guess what it is.
  • Cops and robbers Kids love playing this party game, but adults can enjoy it as well. One of the participants will be a cop, you'll have a few robbers and the rest will be innocent bystanders. Can the cop prevent everyone getting robbed before it's too late? Play and find out!
  • Dance marathon Dancing is fun... and a dance marathon is even more fun. So get your dancing shoes on and let's see who can last the longest.
  • Darts challenges Got a dartboard? Awesome! Then you can try this fun party game.
  • Dizzy bat It's a really fun game where you spin around a baseball bat. It's meant for outdoor parties and picnics... when played inside it can have destructive consequences:)
  • Duck, duck, goose! A great kids game. It involves running, chasing and a lot of laughs. A great addition to a child's birthday party.
  • Eating contests Throwing an eating contest could be a great idea for your party. No better way to fill up your guests with junk food:)
  • Egg run One of the classic picnic party games, the egg run! Not to friendly for eggs, but really fun for your party guests.
  • Karaoke It's fun! Try it... if you're good enough, the rest of your guests might sing along.
  • London Bridge is falling down London bridge is a really fun children's party game. I remember playing it a lot as a kid and I had a lot of fun.
  • Musical chairs A well known party game that goes well with pretty much any party.You don't need much to play it and it's fun for both adults and children.
  • Pass it forward This is a classic kids party game. It's simple and a lot of fun for younger children.
  • Pictionary This is a fun party game for any occasion. It's similar to charades, except you don't act out stuff, you draw them on paper.
  • Piñata A traditional Mexican game of piñata has it's origins all over the world. Apparently South American and Central American people weren't the only ones that knew how to party:)
  • Pin the tail on the donkey Generally a kids game, but I say it can be A LOT of fun for all ages! Print out your donkey and see who pins closer to his behind.
  • Potato sack race Sack racing is one of the most popular picnic party activities in the world! It's really fun to participate, really fun to watch and really fun to organize.
  • Suck me A great game to pass around germs... but also a lot of fun and a great way to get your guests to interact more.
  • Simon says Simon says is a simple childrens games. The best thing is that you don't need any preparation or props to play it.
  • Spin the bottle Are you a young teen looking for your first kiss, or maybe a nostalgic adult? Then find a bottle and start spinning!
  • Storyline It's a fun verbal party game that you can play without too much hassle.
  • Tag, you're it! The most basic of all kids games. It's a great way to keep kids busy at a birthday party, without any hassle or work.
  • Three legged race A picnic party game played in pairs. The three legged race is really fun to play, really amusing to watch and really easy to organize.
  • Tossing party games What the hell are tossing party games? Well, party games where you toss things around, or better yet, at a target and try to be better at it than your friends:)
  • Tug of war It's a classic party game perfect for picnics, pool parties or any other outdoor party... even an indoor party, if you want to go a little crazy:)
  • Who am I? You won't need much to play this game and it's also a great icebreaker, if your guests don't know one-and-other that well.


About birthday parties

It doesn't matter if you're throwing a birthday party for a friend, or if you're throwing one for yourself, you'll always need to:

  • Get a cake or two(depending on how many guests you are expecting)
  • Put up balloons and other decoration
  • Make sure there are a lot of snacks and drinks
  • Make sure you have some activities

With birthday parties it's that more important to plan your activities, since they are usually not themed. You can set up workshops where people can do something, play a few birthday party games or roll a movie dedicated to the birthday boy/girl. You can find quite a few birthday party games that you can play on this website, but keep in mind that quite a few of these games are appropriate only for certain ages.

Either way, if it's your birthday, have a happy birthday and to many more, if it's not, visit back when it is:) Have fun and don't forget the happy birthday song and all our fun birthday party games!

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