Bingo is a fun party game. It's usually considered as gambling, since it's a game of chance and usually played for a monetary or practical prize.

It's really simple to play. You'll need a way to draw out random numbers. You can use a computer program, draw pieces of paper or convert ping pong balls into numbered bingo balls.

Basically one person draws numbers and players cross them out on their bingo cards. You can download bingo cards in our printable party games stuff section:)

The winner is the person who gets a BINGO and yells out "BINGO!".

What is "BINGO!"?

A bingo is a certain sequence of crossed out numbers on a bingo card. There are a few different bingos that you can use:

If you want, you can decide on a different pattern as well, but don't make it too complex (some weird patterns can be too hard to spot).

What to give to the winner?

You can get a prize for the winner. Something nice and related to your party theme. You can even get a few small prizes for different patterns.

You can go another way dough... You can collect a small amount (a dollar or two) from everyone that is participating and create a jackpot for the winner.

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