Beer Pong

Beer pong is one of the most popular drinking games in the world. It has many special rules and variations. Since this is a party games site, I'll present the simplest and most fun version that will get your guests drinking and having fun, plus some solutions for those that don't have enough space or the whole beer pong equipment.

The Rules

The point of the game is to hit a ping pong ball into a full beer cup. Ten cups are set up at the edge of the table in a form of a pyramid, like this:

The game is always played between two teams or two players. Whenever a cup is hit, the opposing player/team has to down that cup of beer and the cup is removed from the table.

Two sided play

If you have a beer pong table, another kind of a big table or a pingpong table, you can play two sided. Arrange ten cups on each side. Each team takes a side and shoots ping pong balls into the cup of the opposite team.

One sided play

Don't have a beer pong table or a big kitchen table? No problem. Set up the cups on your table, but only on one side. Each team then takes turns throwing the ball. You can play two rounds for each pair of teams to make up for the lack of one side.

Special rules

There are some special rules that you can implement or should discus before the start of the game.

  • Bouncing
    Whenever someone bounces the ball of the table and hits a cup, the opposite team has to drink that cup plus another one.
  • Elbows and wrists
    How far across the table can you reach when throwing the ball? Wrist or elbows behind the edge? You should decide before you start playing.
  • Re-stacking
    You could allow re-stacking of the cups back in formation once a few of them are removed. You can also set the number of times each team can request a re-stack.

Fun ideas

  • Keep it simple. Don't hang on the rules too much.
  • Collective play. Let each guest take a turn. When someone hits a cup, he can choose who drinks.
  • Beer pong table. It's really fun to play when you have an actual beer pong table.
  • Tournament. Organize a tournament with eliminations. You can get your beer pong tournament brackets here.

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