Bad Santa

Bad Santa is a fun party game that goes on throughout the evening and involves pranks.

You and all your guests will first have to agree that you are going to play this party game. In case someone doesn't want to play, it's a good idea to keep him or her out of it all together.

What do you do?

Start by secretly selecting a Bad Santa. Take a secret draw (or use some other way you think of) to determine who will be the Bad Santa. Now that you have your man you're ready to play...

Other ways to play and rules you can apply:

  • You can also play until Bad Santa is caught and then automatically draw again.
  • You can keep score by adding up successful pranks someones done before getting caught. Go for the high score!:)
  • Implement penalties for wrong accusations. This way you can avoid all around pointless guessing.
  • Prepare the party place so it's prank friendly (maybe put a whoopee cushion or two in the room).

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