Adult Party Games

Ah, adult party games... for that period of your life when "Pin the tail on the donkey" starts feeling too childish. These games specially cater adults that want to have some fun at a party, be it a Halloween party or a Christmas party, doesn't matter. So let's take s look at what you can play on different occasions...


Adult Halloween party games

Halloween is that special holiday when everyone goes crazy! You can be whatever you want and this also shows at any given party you can visit. It's also a holiday on which a lot of people like to play games while being dressed up in silly costumes. You'll always have classic games like "Apple bobbing", but there are also fun adult party games that you can play...

Adult Christmas party games

Christmas is usually a family holiday, but if you want to go a different rout and throw a crazy party, then you'll also need some theme based party games to go along with it. So let's see how you can turn your next Christmas party into the crazy party that everyone will be talking about till... till... well... at least till your new years eve party:)

Adult birthday party games

So you turned 18(21 if you're an american:))... at least. Now you're an adult and you want to have an adult birthday party. Well, that could be a pretty boring ordeal, but wait! You can  play some fun games at your party, party games are not just for kids you know. So let's see what fun games you can play on your birthday...

Adult Valentine party games

Alone on Valentine? Sad, isn't it... but it's also an opportunity! Throw a party and invite your single friends. All you need is some booze and some spicy Valentine games that will set the mood between all the single people in the room.

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