Adult Halloween party games

Need some adult Halloween party games? Great! Here are some fun ideas that will give your next Halloween party that extra fun factor that will have everyone talking about it till new years eve.

So let's see what Halloween party games for adults you can play...

  1. Wet T-shirt apple bobbing contest
  2. Pumpkin carving contest
  3. Monster movie drinking game
  4. Costume contest
  5. What monster am I?


Wet T-shirt apple bobbing contest

Apple bobbing with a sexy twist. Get some willing girls in white shirts and let the fun begin!

In case you don't know what apple bobbing is... Just put some apples in a big bowl of water and see which girl manages to fish out the most using only her teeth.

Pumpkin carving contest

Nothing say Halloween quite like a jack-o'-lantern. So make a contest out of making them. All you need is a few pumpkins and carving knifes. Set a period of time in which the contestants have to finish their creations and then have a vote on the best jack-o'-lantern.

Monster movie drinking game

Adult Halloween party games list couldn't do without a Halloween colored drinking game. This one is really simple. Just set a scary word, roll a horror flick and every time the word is said in the movie, everyone drinks.

If you need Halloween punch recipes visit this site.

Costume contest

A costume contest can be a fun add on for any Halloween party. Tell your guests to really try hard with their costumes and set some small prizes for the best costumes.

You can do either a voting style contest, where everyone gets a chance to vote for someone during the party, or you could nominate a few judges. The first option is probably best dough, since it makes for a great conversation starter between people that don't know each other yet.

What monster am I?

This is the Halloween version of the "Who am I?" game . It's played exactly the same, except instead of famous people, you use monsters.

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